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pink-plastic-heart asked:

Hey, can u tell me the link for those diapers that I saw in ur tumblr (u buyed on ebay)? I can't put the link here, but is a diaper pink with the disney princess D: By the way, ur tumblr is really pretty cute <333333 And sorry for my english :c Bye~

Hi! I don’t have the link. But the name on the diapers are Huggies Pull Ups Disney Princess! Do a seach on ebay and I’m sure you will find it! :)

aswetaspossible asked:

Hey Lotte, do the Cushies with the cloth-like cover really feel like they were made for babies? If you scale pampers up, would they be like them? You surely can tell, if there is a difference, because you can still wear the cute diapers without any damn adultish stuff. You can be very glad about it. I am spending my whole ABDL-life searching for a baby-diaper in a bigger size, but found nothing so far and it bothers me every day. Plz tell me that my wish has come true. It means so much to me...

The Cushies with cloth like is the closest thing for me to be like Pampers but they are not like them 100 %. Pampers are softer on the outside and Inside, They smell good and have stretchy sides. When the Cushies becomes wet they don’t feel so mushy Inside as Pampers does. They are more like they are hanging down.

Diapers and Ageplay

Is it true that ABDLs find it hard to tell their partners about this fetish, because diapers may turn people off if it’s sexual?
Many of them would say that diapers turn them off, and things like that can be hard to talk about sometimes. It’s like “No, why can’t we just talk about something else, I’m into it, but it’s still weird.” Some will be honestly and say “No, this is turning me straight off”. And others is afraid to say what they really mean by hurting their partner. They may say: “Sure, I’m in!”. But actually it’s turning them off. Well, I had a boyfriend and “Daddy” like that, who lied to me all the time about what turned him on and not. He was like: I love to be a Daddy and I love to see my little girl with a pacifier in her mouth, but all the diaper stuff is turning me off.

It’s NOTHING without the diapers in ageplay, for me! I love diapers ❀️

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