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Hei :) liker det faktumet at du har begynt å poste igjen. Kanskje du kunne prøvd å poste hver dag? :) om ikke i bleie vanlig bilde? Er sikker på at det er mange som sjekker siden din daglig, slik som meg!

Hei :)
Jeg har ikke tid til å poste bilder av meg hver dag, også er jeg litt forsiktig med å legge ut bilder av ansiktet mitt selvom de fleste sikkert vet hvordan jeg ser ut. Men skal prøve å poste så ofte som mulig 😊

The Story of Lotte


This «dark side» I have is really a very big part of who I am. To many this is only sexual, but to me, it’s so much more than that. I can’t explain it. I have been like this since I was 5 years old with no actually reasons to why. I think it started as a kind of jealousy of my little sister when she was a baby. All the time I thought: I wanna be like that. I wanna be loved like that. And when I grew older, it got worse. It became a oppression and very strong anxiety. 

When I was 17 it was so bad that I had to go to a psychologist. I told everybody about my problems, and many laughed of me. «Omg, are you scared of this?!» many of them said. I even didn’t know what this was, so I told everybody that this was a phobia. That means: I had a phobia of everything that had to do with diapers, especially the situations when babies were being changed nearby me. I couldn’t take it and always ran away. The reasons why is that I always felt shame, jealousy and fear at the same time when that happened.  

I didn’t really understood that THIS was something I was dreaming about being like. My nightmares was my dreams, without to know. But somewhere, deep inside my heart I knew I was dreaming of being a little girl. To have a Daddy to take care of me like I really was a little baby. But this was a very strong oppression in many many years, so I have struggled a big part of life.. It’s not fair.

To day, I’m still running. But not that fast. Things are going better. It has been a long way of self-acceptance for me. But in 2012, I finally understood and figured out who I was. I was an ABDL girl. That year, I «came out» of the closet. That moment I figured out that I actually liked being like this I was crying so hard because of shame took over my feelings. It was really terrible. I have learned that we shouldn’t hide away, and escape from who we are. It can cause problems. It did to me. It’s not healthy for the psyche to keep feelings hidden inside. Now I feel I can be myself and dream about it without this strong fear and shame. I’m always telling myself: «It’s alright, it’s alright.» Everybody wants love in different ways, right? I think that’s true. 


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Hei! Jeg lurer på hvilken typer bleier du syns er best. Klem fra Maren

Jeg liker veldig godt Libero og Pampers, Tena Slip Super, Abri Form i cloth-cover. Jeg vil prøve Bambino bleiene, men vet ikke hvor jeg får tak i dem.

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